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Nese Karabekir holds an MA in psychology and is an individual/couple and group therapist, psychodrama therapist, and trainer for 22 years. Co-founder of Istanbul Psychodrama Institute and Istanbul Birth Academy. BA in Psychology in Istanbul University, MA in Psychological Counselling Studies at Keele University, England. She has been training psychodramatists since 1996. Recently she added her work as a birth psychologist and childbirth education. She is the part of a ‘Birth With No Regret’ team, working with obstetrician and midwife together. It is a three expert birth model in Istanbul. It consists of obstetrician, midwife, and birth psychologist. She also trains childbirth educators and psychologists.
She is Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Active Birth Trainer, and in the process of becoming a HypnoBirth Educator.
She is a pioneer in Turkiye about Birth Psychology. She participated nearly 100 birth including water births, lotus births in 4 years.
She has been invited lots of national and international conferences.
The latests news is that she established 'Hand in Hand for Birth Association' to reach more people all over the country.