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Ofra Lubetzky, PhD is a clinical psychologist, graduate in clinical program at Tel Aviv University. She received her doctorate from the Medical Faculty in the Psychiatry Department at Tel Aviv University. Before learning psychology she received a graduate degree in Occupational Therapy and Teacher for learning difficulties.

She is a lecturer in MA courses at Tel Aviv University School of Health Professions, teaching human development from conception through the lifespan. Her publications have mainly been in prenatal and perinatal psychology, with emphasis on the mother's obligation for the well being of the fetus, the newborn, and the importance of a good 'holding' experience for life. She has a private clinic offering individual therapy for all ages and offers consultation to parents and pregnant women, including pscychodiagnostic evaluation of personality and cognitive abilities, and is an expert therapist for children who were born premature and their parents. Dr. Lubetzky has been a member of  ISPPM almost from the beginning and APPPAH for a few years. She can be reached via email at lubetzky@netvision.net.il