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Salome Dubenetzky, Psy.D. As a mother who has experienced a stillbirth, Dr. Dubenetzky’s passion for research in the field of perinatal loss is deeply felt. Awarded a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2016, she specializes in the area of maternal mental health, particularly perinatal loss. She is a Board Member for Empty Cradle, Vice Chair of the Star Legacy Foundation, and a Peer Support Mentor for the MISS Foundation. Dr. Dubenetzky also created and implemented the Mother to Mother Program which is an in-hospital based peer support program that provides social support and care to mothers coping with loss. As a psychotherapist her goal is to assist in removing the stigma still associated with issues related to maternal mental health, so more women receive access to care and know that there is hope. She can be contacted at salome.dubenetzky@gmail.com.