Zita S. Makói MD, PhD. Since 1964, Zita has spent 32 years practicing clinical pediatrics and neonatology. She participated in the teaching of medical students, nurses, postgraduate doctors at the same time. Since the university years Dr. Makoi has been involved in research work. She was research fellow in neonatal related subject in UK and Finland. She wrote two books about mother-baby communication and infant crying. Recently besides her perinatal related research, she teaches pregnant mothers about mother-baby communication and yoga teachers to about basic anatomy and physiology. Past work includes responsibility for the management of Pető Institute* as a rector.

*Pető Institute - named after the founder of the Institute and the method - has been doing rehabilitation for babies and children who suffered cerebral palsy or other similar health problems mostly in the perinatal period and serves as a high school for the teachers of this method.