APPPAH is pleased to announce a nonprofit, educational partnership with The Academy, a new outreach project created by Touch The Future.  The Academy's resources will be featured in APPPAH's new Classwomb, a Pre-Natal and Peri-Natal Educator (PPNE) Certificate Program to be launched June 15, 2015.

This rare and valuable resource for birth and postpartum professionals is a unique, dynamic platform that instantly filters and sorts hundreds of hours of in-depth personal interview focusing in on the themes and issues that are most important to professional education and presentation tools.  APPPAH’s 11 module program already features films from this great collection. Now educators will have access to hundreds more films along with insights and resources.

"As one of the mentors of the professional educator program (PPNE) for APPPAH, I have previewed The Academy  this past week for our students," said Sandra Bardsley, APPPAH president.  " I think it is MARVELOUS!   It is such a valuable archive of terrific information concerning pre and perinatal psychology and its effects on human beings and society.  Even though I'm not very computer skilled, I was able to easily enjoy the terrific value to be found in the academy. It is amazing that we have access to recordings of the pioneers who were introducing, years ago, what many people think of as "new" concepts.  I think TTF's Academy is a perfect example of how 'we stand on the shoulders of giants.'

The Academy is the home of the Joseph Chilton Pearce Library, over fifty hours of streaming audio and video spanning over twenty five years. The James W. Prescott Library, multiple interviews, documentaries and research publications on the impact of sensory deprivation and the developing brain. The Bev Bos Library, summarizing the best of one of the world’s most sought after and respected early childhood and parenting educator. The Keith Buzzell Library offering multiple interviews on the nature of the self-as-image and rich commentary on the teachings of Gurdjieff. And the Krishnamurti Library offering highlights of this world renowned teacher’s insights.

Plus eight developmental departments: The Awakening of Intelligence, Pregnancy, Birth and Bonding, Imagination and Play, Learning and Education, Critical and Creative Thinking, Adolescence and Beyond, Athletics and Wellness featuring Ashley Montagu Jean Leidloff author of the Continuum Concept, Physicist David Bohm, Bruce Lipton, Suzanne Arms, John Taylor Gatto, Marshall Rosenberg, Jerry Mander, Gabor Mate, MD. The list goes on and on.

Michael Mendizza, Touch the Future Founder and The Academy Creator on APPPAH's Mission

"Life is relationship. Every cell of our miraculous body and we are miracles, every one, radiates a need to belong. How did we end up as we are? The beginning shapes the end.

"I met David Chamberlain in 1989 recording an interview that later became Babies Know More Than You Think with Suzanna Arms. So moved by the passion and insights they shared that I joined APPPAH and began recording interviews with many of their pioneering members.  These interviews  now form the core inspiration for Pregnancy, Birth and Bonding in The Academy, a continuing adventure for thirty-five years. Each of these wonderful people from varied disciplines held a common vision. Barbara Findeisen described tying a knot at when beginning a ball of yarn. The result is an egg, not a ball. Everyone, in their own way said the same thing. Tiny humans are like that ball of yarn. The beginning shapes the end.

Data is one thing. Wisdom and intelligence lives in another dimension. Something magical happened during our interviews. I was deeply interested and they could feel it, like two friends exploring something extraordinary together. I'm convinced that the interviews in The Academy hold this inspired quality if you really listen, like having tea being Ashley Montagu, taking a long walk with Joseph Chilton Pearce, making bread with Jeannine Parvati Baker or visiting James Prescott in his lab.

Each interview is a collection of priceless stories and stories are the way wisdom has been carried generation after generation. For my children and all the children to miss these inspired stories, that literally changed my life from the inside out, would be a tragic loss. It was also painfully clear that today's and tomorrow's parents need to hear these stories, but how? The family bond was unraveling.

The vision behind the Academy was and is to inspire, support, and empower child birth educators, midwives, duals, preschool and head start teachers, nurses, therapists, amateur athletic coaches, and maybe even a doctor or two, those individuals who will be the wisdom keepers and storytellers of tomorrow, to give them the tools to awaken the inspired passion in young women and men that I felt recording each interview. William Emerson once said,we are holding a candle in the wind that will light the way to a more empathic tomorrow.' The Academy holds and preserves that light.

Currently The Academy contains approximately thirty-percent of the interviews in our archive and new stories and passionate storytellers are still being recorded. Every moment is a life transforming treasure for someone. I can't begin to tell you how taking this journey has changed my life and I know it will touch people all over the world and for generations."

Michael Mendizza

About Touch The Future

For more than twenty years Touch the Future has been interviewing visionary educators, authors, scientists, researchers and performance specialists. Uniting each is a deep appreciation of the limitless capacity for children to love and to learn. This collection of visionaries is the heart of Touch the Future On-Line, our interactive, searchable Internet site, designed to share these collected insights with the world. We build bridges of understanding between the visionary research community and those who are caring for and mentoring children. Our focus is the caregiver. By helping those who care for children become more knowledgeable, sensitive, and empathic, we Touch the Future of every child they meet. More has been discovered about child and human development in the past fifty years than in all of human history. The challenge is not to discover new information. It is to reach out and share this vast body of insight with today’s parents, educators, caregivers and coaches, and to do this in ways that support, inform and inspire.

More Academy Endorsements

"Touch the Future offers a treasure trove of information and inspiration for all of us who are dedicated to making a difference. Some of the resources easily found here are complete video and audio recordings of many of the masters in our fields that can’t be found anywhere else. I am so grateful that Michael Mendizza has the vision, the talent and the commitment to capture and preserve these priceless resources. My heart opens each time I watch a video as I see Touch the Future’s signature introduction – the photograph of the earth from space spins above the clouds and I hear the delightful laughter of children playing. I always think, 'This is why we do what we do.' It is in doing this that each of us is truly able to Touch the Future!"  -- Marti Glenn, PhD, Co-Director of The STAR Foundation

"Michael Mendizza has assembled on film pioneers in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology.  Long before the field had been named, brilliant minds were bringing to our awareness the consciousness of babies and the long-term effects of our earliest experiences—including those in the womb.  This video/audio library is priceless!  Nowhere will students find a more comprehensive and accessible collection."  – Susan Highsmith, PhD, APPPAH Mentor

"Touch The Future's Academy is a tremendously valuable resource for birth and postpartum professionals. Their library is filled with rich, insightful and applicable content via videos, audios and essays provided from a variety of visionaries. The platform is user-friendly and and easy to navigate." - Mar Oscategui, founder of the International Maternity & Parenting Institute

"I just spent the last few hours on the Touch the Future website. It is a brilliant resource for everyone. I loved having access to such amazing pioneers in one place.  Listening to the interviews and watching them express their passion was inspiring. I feel this would definitely be an important addition to the course - adding much value.  The interactive website provides powerful, important information that is so needed in our lives - a wonderful tool.  Easy to manuever with a fresh appeal, the website offers such a large selection of experts and topics in which to continue to learn from. I am looking forward to this - very exciting." – Christine Waters, APPPAH Student