APPPAH is proud to announce the establishment of a new Practitioner Advisory Board in 2017.  The purpose of the new board is to help guide future APPPAH programs and education efforts, as well as provide feedback on current programs.

“The new Practitioner Advisory Board will help us deliver specific programs and communication campaigns to our diverse membership,” said Kate White, APPPAH’s director of education, who will manage the board. “It will help create a conduit between leadership of APPPAH and practitioners who integrate the baby’s experience into their work. APPPAH’s membership is multi-disciplinary; this practitioner board will help APPPAH complete outreach activities.”

Part of APPPAH membership strength is its diversity and interdisciplinary appeal.  Its members include practitioners from many healing disciplines, including psychology, somatic practices like craniosacral therapy and somatic psychotherapy, trauma healing, nurses, doctors, midwives, doulas, educators of all kinds, hypnotherapists and more. 

With the growing popularity of the Prenatal and Perinatal Educator Certificate program, and the new Conscious Baby Program for Parents™ and Places of Birth outreach efforts, APPPAH would like to invite this professional board to offer feedback so that practitioners in their fields will be able to integrate the new initiatives. 

Members of the Practitioner Advisory Board will also serve as members of APPPAH’s Speaker’s Bureau to help respond to growing demand for expert representation of birth psychology from many disciplines.

If you feel called to serve APPPAH through sitting on this incredible board, then please contact Kate White at