APPPAH’s Director of Education, Kate White, will present to the staff of Commonsense Childbirth and The Birth Place on January 12, 2017.  Founded and run by midwife Jennie Joseph, The Birth Place is a free clinic integrated with her standing birth center in West Orlando. (Photo features Jennie Joseph and Kate White at the APPPAH Regional Conference in Seattle in September 2016.)

Joseph's pioneering work, called the JJ Way©, has made history by eliminating prematurity and low birth weight in a population where premature births, low weight babies, and high infant mortality are prevalent.  The JJ Way© Model increases birth outcomes and addresses disparities in birth for women of color especially.  Joseph presented her pioneering work as a keynote speaker at APPPAH’s 2016 Regional Conference in Seattle.

The JJ Way® Model is effective in reducing disparities and improving outcomes because it operates from the premise that every woman wants a healthy baby and that every woman deserves one, states the website. “Additionally, patients and their family supporters (if any) are encouraged to operate the same way and are therefore invited in as an integral part of each prenatal visit. From the very first appointment the goal of a full-term healthy baby is emphasized and all subsequent measures stress that theme until safe arrival at that point."

Kate White will be presenting on the science that supports an approach like the JJ Way©.  Her talk, How the Face-Heart-Voice Connection Increases Birth Outcomes:  The Science That Supports the JJ Way©, will integrate the science of human connection and safety (Polyvagal Theory) with the ways Joseph supports her families, with insights including, the neuroscience of how we connect supports the autonomic nervous system, specifically how we feel safe, and why birth outcomes are dependent on how the birthing mother feels in her body.

"Jennie Joseph has created an amazing program." says White. "APPPAH is pleased to support her model and encourage others to address disparities and improve birth outcomes."

 The importance of Joseph’s work, and APPPAH’s supporting insights, are found on the website: "In the USA, despite ongoing research and discussion, perinatal health disparities are not improving in any great fashion, and in some areas the gap is actually widening. Newer interventions are focusing on more holistic approaches including looking at stress, environment and life-course approaches. The JJ Way® is a simple, cost-effective model which can be easily emulated and adapted for any practice, and which has the potential to seriously impact the discouraging perinatal statistics that have become all too common."

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