Our deep gratitude to everyone who participated in Birth Psychology Month by helping to spread the resources, free programs and national workshop opportunities in March!  The very sucesful campaign lead to a bumper crop of new international students joining our PPNE program as well as thousands of people sharing the insights and inspiration of birth psychology.  You can still find the resources on our dedicated website here: 

On the heels of such inspired social media sharing, I wanted to share with you how we can make every day Birth Psychlogy Month. As the Social Media Manager for APPPAH, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you the exciting potential I see for driving change through the use of free social media.  I also want to tell you about the vision that drives me online, of which you are a part! 

I interact with individuals online from all over the world daily.  What often comes back to me is that most people have an idea of APPPAH as an entity, almost like a person, somewhere way off in the sky.   Many people say to me, “ APPPAH needs to do this….” or “APPPAH should to raise awareness about that…” and I agree, they are right! There is a huge potential for creating social good regarding the use and dissemination of the material and insights in Birth Psychology, and that is our goal, but something is missing which will help us succeed.

I won’t leave you guessing- the actual work of APPPAH is YOUR work! 


APPPAH is a small non–profit organization, which is growing bigger and more active every year. In the past 35  years, we have functioned by having a turnaround of hard working and mostly member volunteers- yes, people just like you.  In actuality, without you there would be no discoveries to share! No articles in JOPPAH, no Monday Live Lectures, no Pre and Perinatal Educator Program, no articles, no presenters at our APPPAH Congress.   

OUR Potential = YOUR Potential!

I identify that my work on our social media pages is not only about sharing APPPAH events, classes, and news, but to share actual real life ways in which people are integrating birth psychology into the world- in other words I see sharing your work, as my work.  It is you, reader, who is actually making Birth Psychology alive in the world,  and it is you who have integrated this information into your own work which is transforming all systems and institutions.

I see APPPAH as the hub which magnifies how you weave Birth Psychology  into your profession, your institutions, your blogs, your books and more. I see your success and APPPAH’s success as one.  After all, when you succeed this means a world in which individuals and society values and recognizes the importance of the beginning of life and the consciousness of every baby.

As our organization is successful in branding this awareness as Birth Psychology, the public will be increasingly looking for professionals and experts like you. APPPAH’s growth and increase in brand recognitions benefits us all. 

Together We Have Enormous Free Marketing Potential Like Never Before in History! 

In the past, when an individual or organization wanted to reach large numbers of people, we had to pay for these marketing opportunities. Now we have countless free technologies which can potentially connect us around the globe and reach straight into an individual’s hand, for free.  Take a look below at the social reach for some individual posts from our APPPAH’s Facebook page.

















Imagine if social media use was not just about sharing photos of what you are eating, what if we all used it with a focus to create “Birth Psychology Waves!”  We do have access to a viral reach. If you doubt what I am saying, consider this; when you like or share content from our page, your friends and their friends, and their friends friends, have the ability to see that content.  I have seen it work.  Our free social reach can grow exponentially! 

The Facebook page and social reach that I shared above is the product of just a handful of people working to bring these ideas to a larger public by liking and sharing.  Can you imagine what would happen if we had an army of people to drive APPPAH’s success in raising awareness about Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health? What if we all started deliberately driving ideas and shaping the trending conversations and give the new gentle paradigm a boost?  We all win!

How Can You Help APPPAH grow?  

Simply put - WE NEED YOU, and you are APPPAH!  
We intend to be available to parents-to-be, right within their homes with our parent educator course. We plan that one day every single place-of-birth has education about the consciousness of babies, preventing and healing trauma and the life long consequences of doing so. We are already educating educators so they can spread the seeds of conscious to heal and prevent trauma. Please help us grow the paradigm that welcomes this shift, that paradigm where the public seeks you out!

APPPAH has plans to grow and we cannot do it without your support. Please act today in some way big or small.  

What You Can Do
When you like and share the articles, classes and offerings from any of our social media, you will help us increase these numbers exponentially. 10 minutes on your part, once or twice every week provides FREE marketing and continued recognition for Birth Psychology.

Here are some things you can do now:

1.     Like APPPAH’s Facebook page.
2.     Like and share the articles, events, live lectures to your own feed and share to any appropriate groups you belong to.
3.     Start a conversation in our Facebook discussion group! Not everyone knows what you know about Birth Psychology.
4.     Love The Conscious Baby e-newspaper?  Put a link to it on your own web page, or simply like and share our “trending topics” newsletter.
5.     Invite your own friends and co-workers to join us.

SHARE our Social Media Page, Newsletter and Journals!

We invite you to participate in APPPAH!

APPPAH is all about you, and we need your help to thrive!

-We invite your membership. Please renew your membership if you have one, and also invite a friend or two to become a member today. Even if they decline, we will be on their radar and they may enjoy our many free resources on our website.

-We invite partnerships with your organization! We can share our social reach with you and you with us, call to find out how.

- We have many volunteer opportunities, please contact us!  

I want to hear about how your Birth Psychology work is changing the world.   Please come to our APPPAH Facebook Discussion Group, there you are invited to share your own work, start a discussion, or post a current trending topic.  I will be watching and I may boost and share appropriate posts onto our growing social media platform.

With excitement,
Barbara Rivera

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