APPPAH is proud to announce our second annual Birth Psychology Month to be celebrated in March, a month of spring and rebirth for the Northern Hemisphere.

Parents, practitioners and educators can find a selection of resources for sharing at the dedicated website,

In an effort to support organizations, professionals and parents sharing birth psychology educational materials with their members, clients, friends and family, APPPAH has created a website dedicated to providing free resources, a calendar of Birth Psychology Month events and links to discounts on APPPAH’s PPNE Full Course and Monday LIVE! Lecture Series.

“Over the past few years, APPPAH’s birth psychology resources and materials have grown to meet a worldwide demand for information and education,” said Sandra Bardsley, APPPAH president.  “We are happy to designate March as Birth Psychology Month and to gather these resources and special events into one place to share with our members and supporters.”

In a video interview found here, Kate White talks with Dennis Dennis Hertenstein, DC, on the What, Why and How of Birth Psychology.  Hertenstein has been a chiropractor for four decades and has been teaching craniosacral therapy internationally for 30 years.  He has developed a course that will help anyone who wants to assist babies to recover from birth.  Passionate about teaching people on the front lines, Hertenstein teaches birthworkers, nurses, midwives and doulas.  Hertenstein is APPPAH’s vice president.  White is APPPAH’s director of education.

This year APPPAH is proud to offer among its resource selections the newly created In Utero Film Discussion and Resource Guide that is currently being translated into multiple languages.  Read more about the guide here.

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