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I am a Registered Nurse with a Graduate Diploma of Midwifery (2004). I started my Midwifery Career in a Private Maternity unit in Darwin, Northern Territory before heading off to get a taste of Remote Area Nursing and Midwifery. There will always be a place for this part of Australia and its people in my heart. I have worked in Rural, Remote and Urban health care settings. After having my 3 children (2007, 2009, 2010), I seemed to have everything a woman could want but felt empty, and honestly completely isolated, it was time to look within. In 2012 I studied Life Coaching and HypnoBirthing and went on to become a Practitioner of NLP in 2013. Through being coached I began to see just how I was creating my our reality including my own birthing experiences. In 2014 I developed my business in Pregnancy Coaching. I am absolutely passionate about promoting and advocating emotional wellbeing amongst women in the perinatal period because of the impact it has on the whole family and the impact that this has on communities. I am passionate about assisting women tap into their own Inner Energy or what ever it is for them, their soul, their genius, their true pure potential, so that they realise that this already exists within them and allow themselves to 'let go' and shine. I believe that every woman has the opportunity to gift the world and nurture future generations by awaking their own self awareness, self belief and self trust, allowing them to make conscious choices that will lay a foundation of love and trust and cultivate optimism, curiosity and responsibility for their baby to grow into and then express back out to the world.

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Canberra , Australian Capital Territory , Australia