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Rebekah brings to the table over 30 years of experience in the practice and teaching of wholistic bodywork. She studied massage with Margaret Elke, the creator of California massage in 1976. Since that time,she has taught more than 20 professional trainings in massage in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in Montreal
She completed the 700 hour foundation training in BIODYNAMIC CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY in 2006. She has also completed 2 advanced trainings in Biodynamics with Franklyn Sills and having assisted another 2 full 700 hour trainings, she has completed the requirements to be certified teacher as a teacher by BCSTA/NA

"The biodynamic approach resonates deeply for me. The idea of working with a person's inherent health feels natural and empowering for both client and practitioner. The gentle and respectful approach to human suffering feels both safe and compassionate. It allows me to work with people of all ages and in all conditions. For me, body,mind and spirit are all one fabric. When I touch a person’s body, I am touching their soul."

Rebekah also works as a textile artist. She lives in Montreal with her beloved partner .

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Montreal , Quebec , Canada