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D. A. Allison L.
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I have been a student of Birthwork since 1991, and have been a practitioner since 1994, specializing in working with adoptees. I am fluid in spiritual, physical and emotional work with prenates of all ages. A student of Dr. William Emerson, Dr. Ray Castillino and through books Joseph Chilton Pearce. and many others...I value all my teachers from my own prenate to the many little ones of all ages that I am honored to work with. In my personal experience from the moment of our mothers gestation inside her mother in the 8th month of her pregnancy we are aware and being/becoming on a very cellular level. As an adoptee my life has been enriched by learning what that means and meant to me on a cellular level. I am grateful to Nancy Newton Verrier for her incredible book, "The Primal Wound".

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