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I am a Seattle-based licensed marriage and family therapist and board certified clinical art therapist specializing in the transition to parenthood, from pre-conception through the post-partum period, utilizing an integrative, collaborative and mind-body approach. I'm also an author, speaker and consultant in the LOHAS (lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) realm.

Amongst the first group of U.S. practitioners recently certified in the Prenatal Bonding (BA) method, I worked alongside Dr. Gerhard Schroth (Germany), Anne Schroth (Germany) and Michael Trout (Illinois) to help bring Prenatal Bonding (BA) from Europe so that American women and their babies can experience the profound and life-long influences of this visionary method focused uniquely on increasing attachment, trust and well being, while decreasing the likelihood of a spectrum of undesirable gestational, birth and post-partum outcomes.

Short-term consultation, birth/health-practitioner/partner/family coaching, and birth-practitioner grief and integration work also available.

Press and media inquiries welcome.

In-person, home-visits (Seattle-area) and Skype sessions available.


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