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Elly Taylor is a leading Perinatal Relationship Researcher, columnist and author. Her passion is supporting the relationship bond and emotional health of mothers and fathers or partners during the perinatal period to reduce the risk for postpartum mood disorders, facilitate whole family bonding and create healthy, stable families right from the very beginning.

The results of Elly’s fifteen years of research and experience working with parents is her book Becoming Us, 8 Steps to Grow a Family that Thrives, which details the eight stages of parenthood between pregnancy and parenting. Becoming Us has been welcomed by Educators and endorsed by CAPPA, the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association. Elly writes a column for Australia's Practical Parenting magazine and is resident relationship expert for Daily Life website but her favorite professional role is working alongside birth, health and therapy professionals to support the parents in their care.

Elly lives in Sydney with her firefighter husband, their three children and a bunch of pets.

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CRONULLA , , Australia