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Wilson Peters

Tracy Wilson Peters, CLD, CLE, CCCE, has been a lifelong advocate for babies. Peters founded CAPPA, Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association in 1998. Peters serves as the CEO. CAPPA is the largest childbirth organization in the world. For over a decade CAPPA's mission has been to offer comprehensive, evidence-based education, certification, professional membership, and training to childbirth educators, lactation educators, labor doulas, antepartum doulas, and postpartum doulas worldwide.
Nationally known as a pregnancy expert, she has authored numerous journal and magazine articles, keeping both professionals and expectant families in tune to what is happening in the world of women's healthcare. Peters has appeared on many television networks, including FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC and has been featured in The Atlanta Journal,Fit Pregnancy Magazine, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Atlanta Parent Magazine, and Essence Magazine.
Peters' publications, videos, and educational materials are sold by top health education companies world-wide. Peters has been working with expectant women and families for more than 19 years, attending hundreds of births as a professional labor doula (professional childbirth assistant) in the process. She worked as the lead childbirth instructor for over seven years at Kaiser Permanente, the nation's largest HMO, and taught childbirth education classes to more than 3000 familes

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