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Dagi Heider
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Fray CCHt

Dagi Heider-Fray is a German born therapist a specialises in attachment therapy and transformation of unwanted thought patterns. She created a unique prenatal program called Womb Time - conscious parenting begins in the womb. The program's focus is on providing parents with insightful knowledge and practical tools on how to create the best possible foundation for their baby's physical, emotional and mental development. She is also a trained facilitator for Dr Brisch's SAFE programme (Safe Attachment Family Education).
She is highly qualified in her field and contributes articles to “Healthy Option” and "OH Baby" magazine.
In 2011 she was key note speaker at the Auckland Parent and Child Show.
In addition to her extensive training Dagi has studied “Individual and Social Psychology” at Massey University in Auckland (New Zealand)

She has been working out of her private practice since 2007.

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Auckland , Auckland , New Zealand