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Myrna Martin, Eileen Sendrey, Elsa Asher & Susan Hall
108 Main Street, Charlemont, MA 01339, outside of Northampton
TEL: 250-509-1033
EMAIL: myrna@myrnamartin.net
WEB: http://myrnamartin.net/matrain...

Pre and Perinatal Professional Training and Education

A Six Module Training beginning October 2020 and ending December 20121

Providing Professional Education For Facilitating Optimal Birth And Attachment, Resolution Of Issues From Preconception Through The Attachment Period For Babies, Children And Adults.

The Health Model: Establishing Safety within and without, learning from the inside out. This training is designed to build skills for grounding, tracking, supporting and resourcing self and others, always finding our way to the original blueprint for health. Participants will be introduced to pre and perinatal psychology and attachment through the lifespan. We will build therapeutic verbal, somatic and emotional skills to support self and clients to resource and connect with the health that is always present. This model emphasizes developing the structure and support for safe therapeutic exploration, staying connected to adult resources so integration can occur. Participants will establish the skills of connection with healthy boundaries, differentiation, and somatic tracking of sensations and emotions. We will develop tools for working with belief systems, claiming disowned parts of the self and creating dialogue and integration between these parts.

We will first establish the foundational knowledge of health in the primal period. It includes a solid understanding of pre and perinatal psychology and health with effective tools to support clients and these issues. Following that we will go into more depth and add...
9:00 am
5:00 pm