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Help, Comfort and Hope After Losing Your Baby In Pregnancy or the First Year
Reviewer: Claire Etheridge
Date of Review: 03/1998

To give a content review of this book would not begin to do it justice. This is a book for the heart. The broken heart. The confused mind. The nurse, doctor, midwife, family and friends of the bereaved. .. ..Help, Comfort and Hope speaks to those who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, sudden infant death, and termination of pregnancy. Part One guides parents through the experience of bereavement and Part Two provides specific information for caregivers with empathy and first-hand knowledge.

Giving this book is an act of love. Why? It provides empathy...

If Someone Speaks, It Gets Lighter: Dreams and the Reconstruction of Infant Trauma
Reviewer: Naomi Rucker
Date of Review: 03/1998

Dr. Share offers an extensive exploration of a difficult and neglected area of analytic inquiry, that of infant and prenatal psychological experience and its relationship to clinical work. She brings important insights to an understanding of the psychic residue of fetal and neonatal life, connecting psychoanalytic data to relevant data from fields such as neurobiology, experimental, prenatal, and developmental psychology. Her observations, conclusions, and clinical illustrations are important, intriguing, and quite provocative, exemplifying a sophisticated appreciation of the material that...

Nine Glorious Months; Daily Meditations and Reflections for Your Pregnancy
Reviewer: Teresa Robertson
Date of Review: 03/1998

Any pregnant woman who desires a daily opportunity to connect with her changing body and rapidly growing baby will enjoy this book. Leclaire poetically weaves together descriptions of fetal development with inspiring affirmations and reflections for each week of pregnancy, providing a warm avenue for creation of positive images.

Following the daily description or pregnancy insight, one is guided to specific questions for contemplation and journeying. These 13 core reflective questions are repeated cyclically throughout the book. For example: today I want to avoid; today I want to...

Sexual Mutilations: A Human Tragedy
Reviewer: Robert S Van Howe
Date of Review: 03/1998

Not since 1980 and the publication of Ed Wallerstein's classic Circumcision: An American Health Fallacy has circumcision been addressed in such wide scope by an assembly of international authorities-historians, psychologists, anthropologists, lawyers, and physicians. The books 24 chapters constitute the Proceedings of the 4th Int. Symposium on Sexual Mutilations held in Lausanne, Switzerland in August 1996. Each of the contributions represents a stand alone statement yet provides a necessary contribution to the work as a whole.

The origins of circumcision are approached by studying...

Tears and Tantrums: What To Do When Babies and Children Cry
Reviewer: Elaine Childs-Gowell
Date of Review: 03/1998

In this age where we are trying to find ways to prevent violence in a very violent society, this book is a winner. If only there were some way to get this author's message out to the "masses" of parents who are raising their children in the same old knee-jerk ways.

Many years ago I was a Public Health Nurse; later, I taught student nurses what I would call preventive psychiatry. I have been a psychotherapist now for 27 years, and these are the messages I have been sharing with my students and clients: "Violence begets violence", "children and adults need to cry out their pain", and...

Video: New Beginnings: How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy
Reviewer: Peggy Quinlan
Date of Review: 03/1998

This video may not tell you how to enjoy your pregnancy but it does offer many insights into how men and women can strengthen their relationship during the pregnancy.

John Gray, Ph.D, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, discusses the new brain research and the differences in how men's and women's brains are wired. According to Gray, women's brains are multi-tasked while men's brains are wired to focus on one thing at a time. Women today try to do everything themselves. During pregnancy, they are more fatigued and vulnerable and have trouble asking for help from their...

Book Review: The Enduring Effects of Prenatal Experience: Echoes from the Womb
Reviewer: Jeane Rhodes
Date of Review: 12/1997

This English translation of Dr. Janus's truly comprehensive book is a wonderful gift to those of us who do not read German well enough to delve into the pre- and perinatal literature available in that language. Not only do we have his clear writing and thinking, but many quotations are included from other German-language texts and articles. Particularly striking are the extensive quotes from an article (in the Internationale Zeitschrift fur Psychoanalyse) by an English midwife (Dorothy Garley, 1924), demonstrating an unusual degree of sensitivity and depth of understanding with regard to...

The Tibetan Art of Parenting: From Before Conception Through Early Childhood
Reviewer: Jenny Wade
Date of Review: 12/1997

This book is a treasure for anyone interested in how one of the most ancient, reincarnation-based cultures in the world approaches the creation of new human life. It is the first in depth record of traditional Tibetan birth wisdom outside brief mentions in sacred texts. The authors have succeeded in documenting information from an endangered culture. In so doing, they have also created a delightful, easy-to-read book offering a uniquely sacred and well-integrated view of birth for parents and healthcare workers. The Tibetans were among the first to study conception and fetal development....

Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma
Reviewer: Michelle R Storms
Date of Review: 10/1997

This fascinating book is profoundly disturbing. It is not for the weak or insecure because of the painful and complex social implications-and the guilt. As a physician who has performed circumcisions (and hated every second), and as a mother of three intact children (two boys and one girl), I found myself thankful I had the courage to stop performing circumcisions and left my boys intact. But I also became despondent reading Goldman's book: Suddenly I became aware of how our medical system and society has failed our children in so many ways. I realized I had fallen prey to many of our...

Otto Rank, A Psychology of Difference: The American Lectures/Separation, Will, and Creativity: The Wisdom of Otto Rank
Reviewer: Stephen Khamsi
Date of Review: 10/1997

Separation, Will, and Creativity: The Wisdom of Otto Rank by Esther Menaker. Edited by Claude Barbre. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson, 1996. ISBN 1-56-821-802-8.

The writings of Otto Rank (1884-1939) are in the midst of a rebirth. Rank-artist, poet, psychotherapist, philosopher, mythologist, and educator-was a leading disciple and confidant of Freud and the first lay psychoanalyst. Banished as a dissident from the inner circle of psychoanalysis in the 1920's, Rank was excommunicated like Adler and Jung before him. Though largely unacknowledged, Rank is a forerunner of ego...

Love Letters Before Birth and Beyond
Reviewer: David B Chamberlain
Date of Review: 03/1997

Mary Knight kept a diary of 38 love letters she wrote to her baby during pregnancy and the first weeks of young motherhood. They remained quietly stored away for 16 years until she had the vision to share them as a means of inspiring other pregnant mothers to begin a journal of their own. These "letters," at first addressed to the unborn baby, reveal a gamut of thoughts and feelings and constitute a rich model for the inner work of pregnancy. The letters show how to establish a personal line of communication at an early stage of pregnancy.

Readers will marvel at both the innocence...

Review Essay: Bearing the Meaning of Birth
Reviewer: Judith Luce
Date of Review: 12/1996

The meaning begins with the coauthorship of this review by an academic (Davis-Floyd)-one who, by profession, lives in the abstract world of ideas, and by a midwife (Luce) who lives in the embodied world of birth-a world of flesh and blood and fluids and rich smells and animal sounds and primal energy, a world as ordinary and universal as the world of academia can be rarefied and particular. What unites us to each other is our lived critique, in words and in practice, of the medicalization of birth and women's bodies-a critique that led us both, consciously and reflectively, to eschew the...

Film Review: "Independence Day"
Reviewer: N Anne Marquez
Date of Review: 05/1996

I began to think I might be asked to leave the theater last night, as I feasted on this perinatologist's dream, in movie form. "Oh boy, Mary Jane", I hissed into my friend's patient ear, "the aliens look like fetuses! There's the cord! see, they're moving into BPM III!" (Basic Perinatal Matrix*)

"Independence Day," this summer's smash hit about space aliens bent on the earth's destruction, had me riveted to my seat, but not because of the special effects. Rather, the fiery, explosive, and doomful portrayal of the world's impending end, is an obvious projection of the writers'...

Gentle Birth Choices
Reviewer: Robbie Davis-Floyd
Date of Review: 10/1995

This video is an excellent teaching tool for pregnant couples who are wondering what kind of birth they should choose, as well as for anyone who wonders why some women today want to bother with natural childbirth, when the elimination of pain is just a hospital away. The video stands alone, but would also make an excellent visual adjunct to producer Barbara Harper's new book, Gentle Birth Choices (Healing Arts Press, Rochester VT, 1994).

Contextualizing today's natural childbirth movement against the background of the scopolamine births of yesteryear, this film brings us the faces...

Pregnant Fathers: Entering Parenthood Together
Reviewer: Ruth Johnson Carter
Date of Review: 05/1995

Jack Heinowitz has written a much needed book which, in a simple and loving style, offers guidelines, methods and techniques to help the anticipatory father assume his crucial role in the most positive way. The book includes, among others, chapters on reconceiving fatherhood, changing needs and feelings, communication and the father's role during the birthing process, itself. The chapter designated Partner-to-Partner Communication includes a variety of awareness exercises which would be affective in human interaction under any circumstances. Pregnant Fathers is illustrated with numerous...

The Nurses of St. Vincent: Saying No to Circumcision
Reviewer: Jeannine Parvati Baker
Date of Review: 03/1995

This new evocative VHS film by Fireball Productions is an excellent addition to your library as a his/herstoric documentary for it chronicles the drama of the conscientious objectors to genital mutilation at a New Mexico Hospital. Half of the nurses working in Labor and Delivery at this Santa Fe Hospital organized themselves and together informed the staff that they wouldn't be assisting in circumcision surgeries anymore. Several nurses share how they came to the realization that circumcision was unconscionable, particularly like the story of how one nurse's dreamtime experience was her...

Unassisted Childbirth
Reviewer: Jeannine Parvati Baker
Date of Review: 03/1995

Long has my vision been that every mother is a midwife-all women giving birth can do so without medical involvement. Here is a book which not only validates my life work, but goes deeply into the psychological terrain a mother who gives unassisted childbirth inevitably journeys. There have been few road maps for this exploration before Shanley's book. The third chapter is of particular interest to Journal readers, entitled 'The Psychological Effects of a Traumatic Birth on a Family" which follows the most excellent research compiled in the opening chapters about obstetrics ("We've Come a...

Whatever Happened to Mother
Reviewer: Jeannine Parvati Baker
Date of Review: 03/1995

Subtitled, A Primer for Those Who Care about Children, this seventy page booklet is wonderful! Another subtitle could be A Primer For Those Who Care About Children, The Inner Child, the Outer Child and All Those In-Between (Like at Birth). There are rarely books about families that I can agree with 100% and this one is it! Our son Gannon (almost 15 years) concurred that this book is great and suggested that young people would deeply value the way Dr. Kimmel recounts our history as fertile beings and his advice for bringing back the balance. The chapter titles say it well-Where Have All the...

Hypnosis: The Application of Ideomotor Techniques
Reviewer: David B Chamberlain
Date of Review: 12/1994

Anyone wanting to explore the wonders of hypnosis (trance) can have no better guide than this friendly physician who has been exploring the territory for 50 years. Health care professionals looking for a practical method to reaching the underlying causes of medical and behavioral problems (for example, birth trauma) will find inspiration and instruction in these pages.

Members of our Association will be especially interested in the psychological insights which this obstetrician brings to a range of prenatal and perinatal problems. Cheek has been a pioneer in documenting birth trauma...

"I'll Never Do to My Kids What My Parents Did to Me": A Guide to Conscious Parenting
Reviewer: Nancy Elisabeth George
Date of Review: 10/1994

"I'll Never Do to My Kids What My Parents Did to Me": A Guide to Conscious Parenting is partly the story of Thomas Paris and Eileen Paris as divorced co-parents of their mutual son, Seth, and of Thomas' relationship with Adam, his older son by a previous marriage. The book is partly a testimonial to the workability of a nontraditional parenting style being used to raise two decent, competent sons.

Besides being a record of personal journeys, the book is a useful primer in parenting issues for parents who are genuinely committed to their children's happiness, but who lack viable...