Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

Where Our Story Begins

Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

Where Our Story Begins

Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

Where Our Story Begins

Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

Where Our Story Begins

Healthy Womb...

Healthy World

Where Our Story Begins

HOW we are welcomed into this world MATTERS -
and influences us for the rest of our lives

Birth Psychology is a field of study that explores the lifelong impact of our earliest conscious awareness beginning in the womb.

Our pregnancy, birth and attachment experiences have an ongoing and cascading effect on shaping our adult lives.

These foundational relationships, in turn, impact our world in a profound way.

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New To Birth Psychology

Welcome! We are excited that you are curious to learn more about this growing field!  We have a variety of free resources you can access to learn more about birth psychology and the APPPAH community. We hope you will consider a membership with APPPAH for access to our peer reviewed journal and weekly speaker series, along with a variety of education opportunities.

Birth Professionals

APPPAH is a community of birth educators, practitioners and researchers. We offer a certificate program for prenatal and perinatal educators (the PPNE Certificate Program), along with educational programs, a peer-reviewed journal, and weekly lectures from global experts in the field of birth psychology.

We invite all practitioners who are interested in learning about the impact of our earliest experiences on our adult life.

Midwife – OB/GYN – Doula – Birth Educator – Lactation Consultant -  Nurse – Pediatrician - Chiropractor– Mental Health Professional – Physical Therapist – Occupational Therapist – Social Worker

Parents and Families

Our birth journey becomes an important part of our life journey. As adults we bring our journey into the experience of birth and raising children.  APPPAH offers education and support for integrating our birth experience at all ages, whether we are expecting a new baby or raising adolescents.  We explore how events in our families' pasts create patterns which impact our parenting.

Our community of birth psychology practitioners has created uniquely supportive educational programs which you can access online. We also have resources where you can learn about and locate birth psychology professionals around the world.

APPPAH offers education and resources

for all levels of interest in prenatal and perinatal psychology.

 Whether you are new parents, practicing birth professionals, or birth psychology practitioners, our community offers education and resources to support your commitment to prenatal and perinatal well being. See how our research based education, certification programs and peer-reviewed journal can support your commitment.

Access APPPAH's free resources and learn how to get involved with the APPPAH Community below.

APPPAH is committed to educating
and supporting ALL birthing families

Creating peace and health in our world begins by tending to our most vulnerable time of life...
before, during, and after birth.

Imagine a World...

Where ALL babies feel welcomed, seen and nurtured
beginning in the womb.

Where ALL pregnant women feel fully supported throughout
pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time.

Where ALL support members of the birth process are educated
about the impact of pregnancy and birth throughout our lives.

You can help make this happen!


Supporting our Mission
around the World

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