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Resource Library

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APPPAH's resource library is a deep and rich well representing the conversations focused on birth psychology around the world. Here you'll find articles, books, videos, podcasts, interviews, book reviews and much more. It is part of our mission to collect this information and share it in a way that is curated by our community, easily accessed, and widely used.

Healing Modalities

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APPPAH is affiliated with many organizations around the world that have supportive healing modalities specifically designed to work with Prenatal and Perinatall Trauma. Healing and repair from these early challenges can happen at any age. By providing the right environment and experiences deep healing can occur which allows us to have more capacity for growth, resiliency and self-awareness. Visit our page to see if there is a particular modality that  resonates with you.

Practitioner Directory

APPPAH members include a growing community of birth practitioners and educators around the world who are aligned with APPPAH's commitment to research, education and professionalism. This list is organized by credentialed birth practitioner (PPN-P) and certified educators (PPN-E). We hope you will use it to find and connect with resoures in your community who will affirm and support your commitment to furthering the mission of birth psychology.

Cultural Resources

As part of our commmitment to cultural inclusion, APPPAH's resources library is built to address birth psychology across a global spectrum of birth experiences. As one focal point for research and education in the rapidly epxanding field, APPPAH's is built on inclusion and respect for all cultures.

The Conscious Baby eZine

APPPAH's Conscious Baby eZine is a professionally curated collection of news and journal articles in the field of birth psychology. The eZine is updated regularly, and you can subscribe to receive this content directly to your inbox.

Conscious Baby eZine is a resource for parents, families, and birth professionals and is open to anyone interested in the field of birth psychology