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Maureen Wolfe
Melita Kovacevic
Michael C Irving
Michael D Adzema
Michael D Trout

Michael Trout earned a BA from Alma College, an MA from Central Michigan University, and did his specialized training in infant psychiatry at the Child Development Project, University of Michigan School of Medicine, under Prof. Selma Fraiberg. He has authored numerous articles and book chapters, and co-authored The Johnathon Letters and Baby Verses: The Narrative Poetry of Infant and Toddlers, as well as producing films on the unique perspective of babies.

Michael Dunning
Michael Irving
Michael T Hynan
Michel Odent
Michelle R Storms
Mikael Lövkvist
Millicent Adams Dosh
Mindy Levy
Mirjam Kalland
Moira Pyle Fitzpatrick
Moshe Amon
N Anne Marquez
Nancy Eichhorn
Nancy Elisabeth George
Nancy Hurwitz Kors

Nancy Hurwitz Kors, Ph.D
Brief Bio:  Nancy received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from York University in Toronto.  Her Ph.D. dissertation was entitled, “Prenatal Anxiety and Attitudes and their Relationship to Labor, Delivery, and Post Natal Adaptation.”

Nancy Suchman
Nancy Verrier
Naomi Rucker
Natalia Mufel
Nathalia M. S. Moonen–Budhi Nugroho


Nazeem Muhajarine
Neşe Karabekir

Nese Karabekir holds an MA in psychology and is an individual/couple and group therapist, psychodrama therapist, and trainer for 22 years. Co-founder of Istanbul Psychodrama Institute and Istanbul Birth Academy. BA in Psychology in Istanbul University, MA in Psychological Counselling Studies at Keele University, England. She has been training psychodramatists since 1996. Recently she added her work as a birth psychologist and childbirth education. She is the part of a ‘Birth With No Regret’ team, working with obstetrician and midwife together.

Nicole F. Church
Nicolino Rossi
Niles Newton


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