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Paul Brenner

Paul Brenner M.D., PhD Has devoted the first part of his career to Gyn Oncology and Obstetrics and Gynecology.  He holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology and is presently practicing Psychosocial Oncology at the San Diego Cancer and Research Institute.  His journey through the Healing Arts has shown him the importance of Family Therapy and Pre and Perinatal Therapy as adjuvants to promoting health and preventing chronic illness.

Paul V Trad
Paula Thomson
Paulette Lucier
Peggy Phillips
Peggy Quinlan
Peta Stapleton

Associate Professor Peta Stapleton is a registered clinical and health psychologist. Peta is a world leader and researcher in Emotional Freedom Techniques. She was awarded the greatest contribution to the field of Energy Psychology by the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology in 2016. Peta is Program Director of the Masters of Clinical Psychology program at Bond University (Queensland).

Peter Bernhardt
Peter G Fedor-Freybergh
Peter Heun Fairfield
Petra Spletzer
Phil Johncock
Philip G Ney
Pier Luigi Righetti
Prabha S. Chandra

Dr. Prabha S. Chandra is a Professor of Psychiatry and in charge of the Perinatal Psychiatry services at NIMHANS, Bangalore. Her areas of interest include mother infant bonding, prenatal mental health and its impact on infant outcomes, psychotropics in pregnancy and trauma and partner violence.

Radovan Hrubý

Radovan Hruby, MD, Ph.D. graduated in 2000 at the Jessenius Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Martin, Slovakia. He is trained in general psychiatry and neuropsychiatry. His research is about integrative neuroscience, including complex theories. He is a member of the scientific board of The Institute of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, Medicine and Integrative Neuroscience at the St. Elizabeth University College of Health and Social Work in Bratislava, Slovakia and his mentor is Prof. Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh, MD, Ph.D., DSc, Dr.h.c. mult..

Raija-Leena Punam ki
Randi McCallian
Raymond Castellino

Dr. Ray Castellino, D.C., R.P.P., R.P.E., RCST® is the director of Castellino Prenatal and Birth Trainings; Co-founder and Clinic Director of BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment) a non-profit research clinic for babies, children and families. He is an internationally known trainer, clinical researcher and author in the field of prenatal and birth therapy for families with infants and children, and for adults. He has designed and teaches a two-year training program for health care professionals that he began in 1995.

Raymond J Taylor
Rebecca Horne

Rebecca Horne is affiliated with Perinatal Community Mental Health Service, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust, Hellesdon Hospital, Drayton High Road, Norwich, NR6 5BE, United Kingdom.

Rene Van de Carr
Richard A Blasband
Rien Verdult
Rima E Laibow
Ritva Helena Belt
Robbie Davis-Floyd

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Robert Bruce Newman
Robert C Erikson
Robert J Coplan