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Susan Highsmith

Susan Highsmith, PhD

Susan McKay
Susana A Hassan-Schwarz Galle
Sylvia Klein Olkin
Sylvia Philpy
Tal Moore

Tal Moore is affiliated with Perinatal Community Mental Health Service, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust, Hellesdon Hospital, Drayton High Road, Norwich, NR6 5BE, United Kingdom.

Tara Maria A Blasco
Tara Maria A. Blasco
Teresa Lear

Teresa Lear is a lactation consultant in private practice in Alexandria, VA. She is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at Santa Barbara Graduate Institute with a specialty in prenatal and perinatal psychology. She teaches breastfeeding, childbirth, early parenting, and infant care classes to expectant parents while incorporating a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and the perinatal period.

Teresa Robertson

Teresa is a Certified Nurse Midwife, Birth Intuitive™ and Intuitive Counselor has been immersed in the domain of women's health, birth and complementary healing since 1979. From 1996 she has integrated her mind, body and spirit knowledge and skills to create her unique and groundbreaking work as a Birth Intuitive™. Teresa has been a proud member of APPPAH since 1987 and has presented in several round tables and concurrent sessions.

Terry Monell

Terry Monell specializes in the often overlooked area of traumatic pediatric medical intervention. As an advocate, researcher and writer she is helping to bring awareness to the PTSD that can result. Having spent the majority of her career in the art world as a private and corporate consultant, exhibiting artist, and presenter of art workshops facilitating subconscious exploration, she is currently studying at The Santa Barbara Graduate Institute to broaden her base for advocacy work.

Thanos Karatzias
Theresa M Danna
Thomas Armstrong
Thomas R Verny

Thomas R. Verny is a psychiatrist, writer, academic, founder of the Pre-and Perinatal Psychology association of North America (PPPANA, renamed APPPAH in 1995). In 1974 Dr. Verny wrote, Inside Groups, for McGraw Hill. The Secret Life of the Unborn Child (with John Kelly), Summit Books, 1981, followed this. The Secret Life of the Unborn Child has become an international bestseller published in 27 countries and has changed the pregnancy and childbirth experience for millions of mothers and fathers. In addition to seven books, Dr.

Tiffany Field
Tiina Posa
Tilmann Moser
Timothy M Gilmor
Timothy Wagner
Tina Linhard
Tina Merrill

Tina Merrill is a BSN student at the Duke University School of Nursing.

Tina Moffat
Tom Dowell
Toni M Armstrong
Tracy L. Carlis

Tracy L. Carlis, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice. Dr. Carlis specializes in all areas of adoption including individual and group therapy with children and adult adoptees, international and domestic adoptions, adoptive families, and birth parents. She is an adoption educator in the child welfare community, the medical and legal professions, adoptive and foster parent organizations and has taught classes at the university level. In addition, she has been an expert witness in a number of legal cases involving parricides by adoptive teens and young adults.

Troya Turner
Tuula Tamminen
Vanessa Dale-Hewitt

Dr Vanessa Dale-Hewitt, Division of Psychiatry & Applied Psychology, University of Nottingham, is a clinical psychologist and was a clinical tutor for the Trent Doctorate in Clinical Psychology course at the time of authorship. She is a clinical psychologist and has a specialist interest in perinatal psychology: lpyrvjd@hotmail.com


Varenka Marc

Varenka Marc is a child psychoanalyst, Olivier Marc is an adolescent and adult psychoanalyst. Varenka consecrates her professional practice to the mother and child relationship, having a vast experience with children in the autistic spectrum. Olivier works with adults and adolescents, and researches the origin and symbolism of cultures' gestures and forms. They link anthropology and psychoanalysis in their profound and unique observations of children's drawings and have authored and coauthored over 30 articles and 5 books.