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William R Emerson

William R. Emerson, Ph.D., is a workshop leader, writer, lecturer, and pioneer in the field of pre and perinatal psychology. He is President of APPPAH, the US educational corporation representing professionals and individuals interested in pre- and perinatal psychology. He is among the first in the world to develop prenatal and perinatal treatment methods for infants and children, is a renowned expert in treatment methods for adults, and is recognized world-wide for his contributions.

William R Stimson
Yaara Benitzhak
Yeela Tomsis

Yeela Tomsis, Ph.D., is a community mental health professional, specializing in postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder and crisis. She holds a Ph.D. in community mental health from Haifa University. Her dissertation, Post-Traumatic Symptoms and the Crisis experience after First Birth, is the basis for an international article. Yeela is a lecturer at Zefat Academic College. Her current research projects are focused on postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder.

Yuko Igarashi

Brief Bio: Yuko Igarashi and her family are currently working with Dr. Akira Ikegawa, who is a leading researcher for Prenatal Memory. They are planning to launch the Prenatal Memory Global Project to spread this concept with two projects. Prenatal Memory Navigation Project will guide one through the basics of Prenatal Memory and Prenatal Memory Art Project will create the possibilities of using expressive arts to easily understand this concept.

Zeynep Biringen

Zeynep Biringen, Professor, Colorado State University, US - Zeynep.Biringen@colostate.edu