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Clare Thorwick
Claudette Nantel
Claudia K Sheils
Clifford Olds
Connie Jenkins
Dale Pennington
Danica Anderson

Danica Anderson, PhD, CCCJS #16713, FAACETS, BCETS, BCFT, is a Certified Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist, Fellow in Academy of Experts in traumatic stress, and Certified in Forensic Traumatology. Dr. Danica Anderson’s Biosemiotic Kolo Trauma format spins through interdisciplinary science and psychology fields centered on cultural trauma and memory. Based on her forensic psychotherapy field work in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sub-Sahara Africa to Sri Lanka, she approaches trauma as intensified learning. Since Dr.

Daniel J Siegel
Darlene T DeSantis
David B Chamberlain

David Chamberlain is a California psychologist, author, and editor who has lectured on birth psychology in 20 countries. In 1974 he began using hypnotherapy to discover and resolve traumas arising in the womb and at birth. In landmark research with mother and child pairs in 1980, he demonstrated that birth memories were reliable memories. David served as President of APPPAH for 8 years. His The Mind of Your Newborn Baby (1986/1998) currently travels the world in 13 languages.

David B Cheek
David J Hansen
David Wasdell
Davya Brody
Deana Davalos
Debra A. Dunstan
Denise Cete-Arsenault
Desiree Lowitt

Desiree D. Lowit LICSW, MSW is a psychotherapist in private practice. She received her MSW from Smith College School for  Social  Work.  She  resides  in  Western  Massachusetts with her partner Michael and her beloved  son  Ulysses  (who  happens  to  have  been  born with Down syndrome). She can be reached at desilowit@gmail.com, or visit www.desireelowit.com.

Despina Naziri
Diana Kim
Diana L. Barnes

Diana L. Barnes, Psy.D., is an instructor at California Lutheran University, 3263 Pioneer St., #4250, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. E-mail: dbarnes@callutheran.edu


Diane Zimberoff
Donald C Tyler
Donald J Shetler
Donald W. Hine
Donis Eichhorn
Donna Worden
Dorit Segal-Engelchin
Dorothea S McArthur
Dorothy Marie Mandel