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The Pre- and Perinatal Development of a Sense of Self

Under consideration are the remembrances of several pre- and perinatal experiences by Jessica (pseudonym), during the course of her therapy as an adult. While these events are significant in their own right in terms of their specific effect on her developing humanness, their combined effect constituted a continual assault on her developing sense of a self, and which eventually resulted in a dissociation that caused her to not experience herself as a needing, wanting person; or in her words, as not having a me.

How Pre- and Perinatal Psychology Can Transform the World

Publication Date: 
March, 2018

This article was originally published in the Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology Journal 8(3) (Spring 1994),187-199. This paper draws on the latest scientific findings to show how specific changes in 1) parenthood, 2) birthing practices, and 3) how we view ourselves (psychology) could transform the world. 


Maternal Drinking Patterns and Drug Use Increase Impact of Terrorism Among Pregnant Women Attending Prenatal Care

Publication Date: 
May, 2005