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Trauma Informed Care & Beyond: Improving perinatal & Family Health for a Thriving Humanity

Plans are moving forward for APPPAH's 2018 Regional Conference: "Trauma Informed Care & Beyond: Improving Perinatal & Family Health for a Thriving Humanity."

Please watch for details soon to be posted under the conference tab on birthpsychology.com

This will take place on October 5-7, 2018 in Denver, Co., USA.
2:00 pm
10/07/2018 Denver, CO
TEL: 303-985-3452
EMAIL: congress@birthpsychology.com
Nina Ketscher, MA, PPNE

Holy Womb, Divine Child™: Strong Children for a Changing World

The Holy Womb, Divine Child™ webinar will teach you how the ancient practices of mantra meditation can help to create an optimal womb environment for conception, pregnancy and birth, and share specific meditations to support and raise a Divine child, who is attuned with and aligned with their purpose. These meditations can help assist with fertility issues, conscious conception, a healthy pregnancy and birth, and support each stage of a child’s development. As a result, children have a stronger willpower, are more loving, happy and helpful human beings, and are more healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Preparing the womb environment as a holy place, with high vibrations, helps to support a child, Divine by birthright, to be more resilient, creative, peaceful, secure and happy inside themselves and in relationship with others.

By implementing these ancient practices today, parents can provide energetic protection from, and harmony with, life’s challenges for the whole family for generations to come.
9:00 am
1:00 pm
Online LIVE Webinar
EMAIL: nina@ninaketscher.com
WEB: http://www.ninaketscher.com/re...
Bright Start BAbies LLC

Infant Developmental Movement and Tummy Time Essentials

This full day intensive will include experiential activities to explore infant anatomy, tummy time, and developmental movement as it relates to body, mind, and social development, prenatal and birth imprints, and re-patterning for optimal health in people of all ages. We will also examine baby equipment that is helpful to babies as well as equipment that is detrimental to alignment and integrated development. All participants will receive the presenter's booklet on Tummy Time and Developmental Movement as well as access to her articles and videos. Taught by long time developmental movement specialist and dance/movement therapist focusing on Birth Psychology and health, Ellynne Skove
10:00 am
4:00 pm
Brooklyn Arts Exchange 421 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215
TEL: 718-643-6064
EMAIL: e2bklyn@mindspring.com
WEB: http://www.brightstartbabies.n...
Lumen Natura

Co-Resonance and Twin Dynamics Workshop

Co-resonance is happening all the time. Many therapists are very familiar with this dynamic as it is often experienced in the therapeutic fields. It is a powerful ability we have to co-resonate with each other and within ourselves. But it can be overwhelming if we are ungrounded. There are many ways that we can understand and work with this dynamic. Twin dynamics are often involved, especially if we have lost a twin very early in our embryonic experience.

In this workshop we will somatically explore various twin dynamics without pre-conceived ideas about how it works. We will work with grounding in order to really listen to what our bodies tell us about our experience with our twin. Whether this is twin loss or twin symbiosis or other completely different dynamics we will be present and open to understand. Our understanding of boundaries and differentiation may be challenged so we will have plenty of time to go slow, pause and take time to support each other by resourcing and feeling the deep health within.
9:30 am
5:30 am
Lillooet, BC
EMAIL: renee@lumennatura.com
WEB: https://www.lumennatura.com/tw...
Myrna Martin//EarthSky Foundation

Pre and Perinatal Professional Training

10 Modules over 2 Years.

-Identifying your own early trauma and resourcing imprints so you can use these effectively and compassionately in the therapist role.
-Recognizing pre and perinatal imprinting in the body language, structure, movement patterns, personality and character structures.
-Relating the clients current experience somatically and emotionally to early imprints
-Establishing and Maintaining healthy boundaries and self regulation in yourself and clients
-Understanding the physiological basis of early trauma and the imprinting process
-Tracking somatic, energetic and fluid rhythms as well as titration, resourcing to facilitate the resolution of pre and perinatal trauma.

please visit the website for more detailed information and for the most up-to-date course dates.
11/01/2018 03/19/2020 Santa Cruz, CA
EMAIL: myrna@myrnamartin.net
WEB: http://myrnamartin.net
Manashakti Research Centre & APPPAH

1st International Conference on Prenatal Development in India


The main objective in organizing this conference is to explore the ancient wisdom and modern research in the field of prenatal development. This will establish the scientific basis of Garbha Sanskar.

For more details, go to: http://conference.manashakti.org/
01/18/2019 01/20/2019 Lonavla, India
EMAIL: gsk@manashakti.org
WEB: http://www.manashakti.org/