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Your donation goes to support APPPAH's mission and vision in the world specifically by:

  • Scholarship Fund for underserved populations ~ we are proud to have a Global Tiered pricing structure to bring more equality to our International students. We would also like to provide scholarships to those in financial need to support the next generation of students in the Prenatal and Perinatal Educators and Pregnancy Dialogues Facilitators. 20% of all donations received will go directly to the scholarship fund.
  • Revitalize APPPAH's PPNE course ~ 2024 marks 10 years of the PPNE certificate program, the only program in the world certifying Prenatal and Perinatal Educators.  There have been so many advances, updates, and changes to be included, and we are excited to incorporate more female and indigenous perspectives.
  • Vital Website Upgrade ~ you may have been one of the many people frustrated by our delicate website system. $6000 of donations received will go directly to creating a more robust and user-friendly website and server.  All needed funds are received for this campaign --  Thank you!
  • Creating free public programs like APPPAH Live: Exploring Birth Psychology and Birth Psychology Month Summit
  • Enhancing Membership Benefits~ APPPAH Connect, Practitioner Directory and Members Resource Page

In 2022, generous donations by APPPAH supporters helped to:

  •  Launch a beautiful new Learning Center and expanded outreach to better support our global audience.
  • Host a monthly member networking group, APPPAH Connect, to facilitate rich dialogue on topics important to our birth community.
  • Offer 40 free webinars, APPPAH Live! Exploring Birth Psychology, featuring, experts from around the globe
  • Hold an International Film Festival during Birth Psychology Month for over 2500 birth professionals from 79 countries
  • Share a Fireside Chat with Birth Psychology pioneer and Infant Mental Health specialist, Michael Trout, MA
  • Host an impactful Symposium on Adoption Considerations with Michael Trout, MA and a panel of adoption experts
  • Relaunch our introductory course, Seeing Birth from the Baby’s Perspective
  • Host a 6-week workshop on Anthropology of Birth with Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD
  • Re-visit the classic film, What Babies Want, and a panel discussion with filmmaker, Debby Takikawa
  • Hold the first Nurture Science and Birth Psychology Forum
  • Complete our first Pregnancy Dialogues ™ Facilitator Training course.

We also accept mailed donations ~

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