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APPPAH'S Prenatal and Perinatal Learning Center

Online Education for Birth Professionals and Parents

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Prenatal and Perinatal Educators (PPNE)

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As a person who cares about creating a healthy world for babies to be born into, we are inviting you to join our community and come learn with us.

We bring you cutting edge science and the newest advancements in the field of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology every week.

Birth  Psychology education is the "missing piece" that will transform your professional and personal life.

You will learn new concepts not taught in any other professional training about birth or early development.  APPPAH's educations courses take a deeper look into our earliest developmental needs beginning at conception and throughout the first years of life.

Educational opportunities include certificate courses for practitioners, parenting courses, self-paced on-demand courses and live event recordings.

Cultural Impact of Birth

PPNE Certification Program

Certificate courses which include APPPAH's exclusive Pre and Perinatal Educator course, a year-long program for birth professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge of working with moms and babies.


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Parenting Courses for Caregivers of All Ages

How we are welcomed into the world impacts all of humanity. APPPAH's parenting courses focus on the importance of bonding and attachment for mother and infant. Learn how to use basic attachment principles and practices during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Self-Paced On-Demand Courses

What is behind the science and education of APPPAH? From the history and foundations of birth psychology to leading edge research and education, learn from birth psychology experts in these online workshops. These courses for both families and practitioners allow you to learn in your own time at your own pace.


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Upcoming Live Workshops

Join us for APPPAH's regular offering of live workshops, featuring real-time education, conversation and experiential participation with leading educators in the field of birth psychology. APPPAH's live workshops are designed for all levels of interest in birth psychology.

APPPAH's Learning Center is open to anyone interested in exploring Birth Psychology.

Whether you're a birth practitioner, parent or supporting family member, you'll find helpful information and tools in APPPAH's offerings.

Meet some of our PPNE Students and Graduates...

"Giving language and meaning to
the time before we could speak"

Testimonials from our Students and Members

"Birth psychology has changed the way I think about everything. It changed the course of my career. It changed me.”   Elisa K

Being able to learn directly from our fields pioneers and experts is invaluable. I highly recommend Monday LIVE webinars.”
Shaina L.

“APPPAH revealed the hidden connections between conception, pregnancy and birth and the quality of individual wellness, public health and a compassionate society.” Elina W.